waste not, want not

Do you like saving money AND the planet? Then perhaps it’s time to consider your food waste.

how to trick people into eating plant-based meals

Behavior is a tricky thing to tackle. Eating behaviors are even more difficult to alter or improve. I mean, we all know that things like potato chips, candy, and pints of Ben & Jerry’s are bad for us but sometimes we just reeeealllyyy need that package of gummy bears (totally speaking from personal experience). By now,…

plan a brunch date with Mother Earth this weekend.

Okay, so we’re all aware that we should turn off our lights when we leave the room, become public transport savvy instead of driving everywhere, and somehow permanently attach a reusable bag to our person so that it’s always with us – even for that unplanned trip to the grocery store to “just get that…

do, try, succeed, fail, learn.

“I thought if something was a good idea, we should be able to apply it to ourselves as guinea pigs and do something with it, rather than just tell other people what they should do. – David Holmgren