welcome to my innermost thoughts.

Thanks for finding your way here, I’m happy that you made it.

My reasons for starting a blog are varied but few; I have many thoughts that remain unshared due to my relatively shy and hesitant nature, I need an alternative to mindless social media stalking and scrolling, and I wanted to learn a new skill, have something that’s MINE, created by me and for me.

Most of all, I feel connected to sustainable living and eating in a way that necessitates subjects and predicates to elaborate on my friendship with Mother Earth – and why not share that with the world?

My words emerge like this adolescent pea, unsure of what the future holds but growing nonetheless.

That said, I can’t anticipate who will want to read this (except for you, Mom!). That is to say, I don’t really CARE who reads this. We live our lives constrained by the looming worry about what others will think – who will appreciate each and every action. But at the end of the day, if you’re not impressing yourself, WHY BOTHER?

Three in four people will read a blog at some point in their lives. Which means that most of us are totally inundated with clickbaity titles, annoying ads and pop-ups, and fake information from health/wellness/travel/fashion/sustainability ‘experts’.

Suffice it to say that I receive no financial or marketing benefits for spewing my random-yet-sustainability-related thoughts.

I have spent the past 6+ years growing as someone who not only truly loves this planet, but also does their best to demonstrate that love. I have formerly studied nutrition and food sustainability and convey facts and opinions formed from experience and peer-edited readings – instead of bandwagon articles that seem to provide completely oppositional recommendations each week (ahem, coconut oil).

So here it is, my innermost thoughts (most of which originated in the shower). I hope that you’ll get something out of reading them. Or not, I’m just happy they’re out there.


Peace, love, dirt, and veggies,




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