heather seely:



sustainability storyteller




the written word is my medium, and earth is my muse

who am i?

i’m an experienced writer, sustainability enthusiast, and lover of all things green.

when my fingers aren’t on the keyboard, they’re in the dirt. i’m an aspiring organic farmer and have spent time working on farms all around the world.

my love affair with our home spans many years. through many successes (and failures), i have an abundance of personal experiences that allow me to effectively write about:


  • sustainable living — i’ve helped businesses improve their sustainability practices and have spent 7+ years improving my own (with a master’s degree in sustainability to show for it).
  • organic farming/gardening — i’ve managed community gardens, volunteered on a variety of farms, and have spent 5+ years growing my own food.
  • permaculture — in 2019, i completed a permaculture design course at permaculture college australia.
  • zero-waste lifestyles — from food and transportation, to fashion and oral care, i’m constantly on a mission to reduce my consumption and minimize my footprint—and have several tips and insights to share.
  • healthy eating — i have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a love for cooking. i have followed a whole-food, plant-based diet for 10+ years.
  • travel — i’ve had the privilege of living abroad for 5 years and have traveled to several countries around the globe.

reckless abandon

in a very wild and enthusiastic way, she broke free from the binds of a “normal” life and sought out experiences & individuals who connected her to a life truly lived. 

our limited time on this planet is dwindling due to mindless scrolling, 60+ hour work weeks, a frail connection to nature, and increasingly stressful lives…

there’s got to be a better way to live—and i want to find it. 


let’s make like mycelium… & connect!

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